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stranger, but I loved the feeling of his cock as it began to harden. Then I whispered, "You, as I understand it oral? " " Yes " " both ways " " Oh, yes, " "That's right Nining, sixty, then!" He turned and instantly following his cock in my face, as he buried between my thighs. I felthim to kiss the inside of my thighs, then left on my lips closed, and finally on the lips. I look at the touch of his tongue was as soft as my open pussy, kissing and teasing both sets of lips. I felt my pussy open efukt to devour, and Mark a lot and pushed her tongue inside the wound, the meat well. Probed and examined then absorbed the inner lips before pushing the tongue and tongue fucking me. The emotions were surging through me, as did all this, made ​​fun of my clitoris, I found. Then he sucked my clit into his mouth and took her lips pursed. I shuddered with the greatest orgasm I had had for a very long time and still on the plateau, as Mark kept teasing my clit. Meanwhile, I had kissed his beautiful cock and now had the button on my mouth, his cock was hard as this was a good efukt nine inches long and as thick as a cucumber. His command was all I could into my mouth. Tasted good and licked like a lollipop ! N One of the things that kept me highlight was Mark my parts absorbed all the time who had never experienced that, but it certainly was exciting! After a while I felt that I leave and pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned to me. He gave me a kiss.... and my mouth filled with my love juice. Everything was so sexy. It moved towards me and spread my legs as much as I could and when I ride, I pulled her knees up. I felt his cock into her open mouth of my career and put my hand on it to enter. He was always very kind to his cock in me, but once the command was, slid easily to me, until I felt his balls against my ass exposed. Slowly, she began to fuck me, where all the great length of his cock. My senses swam, had never been so full of cock in my life was wonderful, despite my love - juice was sprayed in the legs and run around my ass. I am efukt totally relaxed and let it I do not feel that big cock massaged me and rubbed her clitorisI kept all the time to come. It was amazing and full of shit my mind with sexual images of male and pussy and cum shooting everywhere. Of course he could not forever and soon I heard faintly in the distance and said, " Where do you want," I struggled to keep in mind: "Oh, inside, inside of me! " One of axes later complai
Quotes ned, crashed his cock until he ejaculated violently and deeply into my pussy. It was beautiful, there must be more than a dozen were injected fills me with more guts than I ever before. Then he dropped on me panting and gasping for air as he hugged and kissed him. Mark I slid one hand, efukt take your flaccid penis, but also felt looser Rob. What I had not recognized in all the excitement was that my husband had the demolition of the action with his video camera, now what was happening on the bed and began to mount, damn wild. He was incredibly erotic shit, Rob Marks sperm, but as always, was able to last for the first time I climax, while I was doing. I could not remember a time when I felt so sexy, I could not get enough. Mark could drag around, so I suck his cock and had a fantastic 10 minutes all the cum and pussy juice licking his cock while Rob sat fucks. Mark became difficult when I took his cock in my mouth and sucked, then, as always was very excited, Rob was filling my pussy was throbbing semen liter. Rob, panting, efukt and I realized immediately Marcos took his place and I enjoyed a half hour efukt of intense fuck his big cock before I told him and he passes out. Its thick liquid squirted me in the face and breasts, hungrily licked me all I could get. Mark to see what I did was to pick up the rest with your tongue and let me suck. After that, I was exhausted and we all showered and went to sleep in our king- size bed. Sometime at night I felt a cock getting between my legs, lifted my leg up and put my hand down, entered, and was stopped for a while fucked. I'm sure half the time when he was asleep, but I enjoyed it in a haze erotic. When I woke in the morning, I felt I could feel all wet wildly around my ass and thighs, a hand, as my pussy and I turned on my back and Rob came to me and took me gently. " Have fun on your birthday ?" 'I asked. " You know I am, I never thought that fantasy will never come true. " " Now that you know you never know. Anyway, is not finished yet. " " Why what do you mean? "" I arranged for him to be here for a total of 24 hours, not much time to go yet! " What was lost count how many times I've done in these 24 hours was fucked, besides enjoying the drink with one or another of them juice and pussy cum on my part. All I can say what I do is that sex is more rewarding than I ever had efukt was. How can somethingthe p ? Well, I do not do nothing, but I'm back Rob gift for her birthday, but that's for another time.


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My name is Freda, Freddy, my friends, I am married to Rob efukt for 27 years. We have always had a good sex life, as both high sexual desire, but for some time, we had to fantasize when we have sex when you have been screwed partner of the same for over twenty years, tend to be let a bit stale. efukt I'm blonde with blue eyes and a efukt good figure, mainly due to the fact that I have no children. My breasts are still a good, solid enough and I'm shaving. Rob is eight years older than me, still a lithe athletic body through sports and exercise, and has always been a good husband. efukt Our sexual fantasies are always about the existence of a third party was present. In my case, a young man with a nine-inch cock, his wife very young (adult ) and without efukt any real sexual experience. six months ago I had my fiftieth birthday. He left us on his own until midnight the night before a birthday, then we would kiss and give / receiving a card, then we went to bed. This occasion was no different, except rang at 1 minute after midnight on the door. Rob said: "You should answer, I hope that yourself, " I went and opened the door, which was a tall, handsome man standing with a large coat. He said: "Hey Freddie, I'm Mark and I am your birthday present! " Then he opened his coat. He was naked and was one of the biggest cock she had ever seen, and soft hanging on his left thigh. My heart was pounding and stammered: "You... you better go back," and turned away. He came in and closed the door and led him into the living room where I waited and Rob had to drink vodka and tonic and midnight. Rob smiled and said, "Hey Mark! " And shook his hand, "like a drink?" Mark was the same as us. Then, Rob turned to me and said, "You always fuck efukt a man with a nine inch penis fantasizes that is your" could not believe it, efukt but minutes later we are allwent to our bedroom. I was surprised to see a large bath towel is placed on the bed. Mark took off his coat and shoes at me. "You can not do anything until you do the same " " Oh, yes, of course! " I moved quickly had enjoyed their eyes scan my body. He approached me, took me in his arms and kissed me. One for him, his kisses were efukt many, and few moments later, his touch, feeling my breasts. His cock had not moved, and I put my hand and bandaged fingers around the shaft and began my hand up and down. I went to bed and took me kisses and caresses. In a way, I could not believe he did this with a complete